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The Dish is the quarterly publication of the Homer Laughlin China Collectors Association (HLCCA).
The latest issues are now available digitally.
For more information or to join the organization, visit their website at

HLCCA also offers some exclusive Fiesta® pieces.

To see just the ones currently available, check the HLCCA website.

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   Fiesta® dinnerware produced between 1936 and 1969

   The original six Fiesta® colors (1936 to 1951)

   Fiesta® in the '50s (1951 to 1959)

   '60s Fiesta® (1959 to 1969)

   Amberstone, Ironstone, Casualstone (late '60s to early '70s)

   Post86 Fiesta® colors and pieces, 1986 to now

   Fiesta® KitchenKraft colors and pieces

   Harlequin pieces and colors

   Some of my decorated, older HLC lines

In March 2020, the Homer Laughlin Company sold their Foodservice Divisions and renamed themselves The ®Fiesta Tableware Company.
I must add here that all of the dinnerware sold by the newly renamed company is still proudly made in the USA!

This website has absolutely no affiliation with either Homer Laughlin Co. or The ®Fiesta Tableware Company.

Thanks to select members (they know who they are) of the HLCCA for their input and review of the information presented here.

Some most excellent sources of information were:
Fiesta and Harlequin Dishography
Post86 Reference Guide
The HLCCA book, Fiesta, Harlequin & Kitchen Kraft Dinnerwares
Collector's Encyclopedia of Fiesta by Bob & Sharon Huxford
Laurel Hollow Park Pottery Information
DISHing with HLCCA
The Fiesta Tableware Co.

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